Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooky Adults

Halloween’s as good a time as any for ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist Scott Putesky to unveil his latest project. But Putesky’s performance tonight at the Nightmare in the Park is different from what long-time fans might expect. Though the artist formerly known as Daisy Berkowitz (one of the original Spooky Kids) recently released an album for his project Three Ton Gate, tonight he’s doing solo performance under the name Black Cabaret. What will it sound like? Dude, it’s a free show –- find out yourself. I’m not here to spoil the surprise. Besides, I’m saving some of the suspense for myself too. As long as all the bands show up (and it doesn’t rain), I’ll be happy. Now, if I can just find a damned costume…

Monday, October 30, 2006

Garage a Go-Go, Coliseum a No-No

I'm sure glad I went to last night's Little Steven's Underground Garage a Go-Go instead of the Coliseum show at Churchill's. Not only did my night end earlier than if I'd made the trek down to Little Haiti, but... actually, scratch that. My night would have ended way sooner if I'd gone to Churchill's -- because the show didn't happen. My colleague, D. Sirianni, called me around 11 p.m., bummed that he didn't get to see any bands. Apparently, a pre-show street fight in front of Churchill's threw the whole night into chaos, and the show was canceled. Meanwhile, I was still stoked that I saw Roky Erickson, former frontman of the 13th Floor Elevators and a bonafide garage-rock legend. But I'll save it for my column. Erickson's story is an interesting one, full of drugs, insanity, and two-headed dogs -- you know, normal rock 'n' roll stuff.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Moonfest Memories

Ever since Fats can remember (which, for the purpose of this blog, is 1994), Moonfest has been the annual Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. Though my earliest recollection of the event involves a lot of drunken, quasi-violent jock types roaming the east end of Clematis Street looking to start shit, it wasn’t until Moonfest 1996 that a 20-year-old Fats understood the true beauty of the event -– it was the closest I’d ever been to experiencing real anarchy. And when I say anarchy, I mean it in the free-wheelin’, Woodstock sense, not the post-hurricane, store-looting definition. Now, I’m not condoning underage street drinking, but it sure made some of the horrible live music go down a lot easier. Fortunately, this Saturday’s lineup goes down well with or without booze. (Remember, we’re no longer in the age of rap-rock, thank fucking God.) If you’ve been to any Moonfests past (or other Honeycomb.com-sponsored shows), then you’re probably familiar with bands like Boxelder, Hit$How, Humbert, and the People Upstairs.

One group that may not be as recognizable in the 561 is Modernage. The Miami foursome (shown right) has opened for the likes of Bloc Party and Elefant, and their sound falls somewhere along those same lines as well. It’s the kind of music you’ll enjoy whether you're dressed as a priest with a boner or just wearing your street clothes.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

They've Got the Airwaves

Tonight, from 7 to 9 p.m., the University of Miami's WVUM (90.5 FM) kicks off a new show called “Shut Up and Play.” It’s hosted by Low-Fidelity Promotions’ Mike Hooker and Chelsea Wine, meaning it’ll be heavy on the punk, ska, and garage, and utterly removed from “flavor of the month” hipster crap. What to expect: Thee Billy Childish, Riverboat Gamblers, Screeching Weasel, Dillinger 4, the Exploding Hearts, and the Briefs (who recently played at Respectable Street). What not to expect: emo, screamo, rap-rock, and anti-drug PSAs (or any such skits, for that matter). Of course, this is a college radio station with a college radio frequency – venture too far from the campus and you’ll lose reception. That’s why a streaming version will be available at WVUM’s website during those same hours. Now, bandwith is another matter…

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Clan in the Front... Hopefully

Anyone who saw the Wu-Tang Clan’s abbreviated performance on VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors last week had to wonder: Where the hell was Ghostface? The rest of the surviving Clan was there, but ol’ Tony Starks was absent without a trace. Whatever the reason for Ghostface going AWOL, tonight’s Method Man/KRS-One concert at Revolution oughtta make up for it, at least a little bit. The show’s been billed for months under the headliners' names. But recently, it was announced that fellow Wu-Tang members Masta Killah and Inspectah Deck are onboard as well. Yeah, the entire Clan was here exactly two months ago, but that was a few days before Meth dropped his latest album, 4:21… The Day After. So now he gets to run the show. (Well, when KRS isn’t off on one of his insightful but loooong tangents.) Let’s just hope everyone shows up.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday's OK

It’s Tuesday. It’s South Florida. There shouldn’t be shit to do, right? Ah, but it’s also October, part of the magical time of year known as the season. Though, being in season doesn’t mean everything we have is, er, blossoming. But it’s here nonetheless. So I’ll let you decide what’s fresh and what may be a little too ripe.

-- Guns N’ Roses, Sebastian Bach, and Papa Roach at the BankAtlantic Center.
-- Rise Against and Thursday at Revolution
-- The Casualties and the Briefs at Respectable Street
-- Celtic Frost at the Culture Room

Try doing that in July.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Protoman, Behind the Scenes

So I missed out on this past Saturday's Hip-Hop Reality Show at Revolution. I heard it wasn't very crowded, which really sucks because (a) no turnout means no future, (b) all the artists involved are worthy of checking out, and (c) who knows what'll replace the Reality Show if it fails. (Another indie-rock night? Booty music? Please God no.)

Fortunately, though, I did manage to catch one of the featured MCs last night at Roxanne's -- Protoman. I've seen him perform at a few shows and was impressed each time. And now, thanks to YouTube, Protoman's part from the Hip-Hop Reality Show is floating around in one of those Internet tubes. Check it:

Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend Revolution

Once again, Revolution’s got the hook up for national acts, and this weekend’s only part of it. (I’ll get to next week’s stuff next week.)

I could take or leave Saturday's “Radio Rebellion Tour,” featuring Norma Jean, Between the Buried and Me, Fear Before the March of Flames, etc. I’m just not down with the post-hardcore thing (or praising Jesus at a rock club, for that matter). But that’s OK because later that night, Revolution’s new monthly hip-hop night, the Hip-Hop Reality Show, takes over at 11 p.m.

Miami's Brimstone127 plays host to a lineup of local rhymers (Protoman and Dynas) and DJs (Stevie D and De La Soul’s Maseo). But it is a reality show, and that doesn’t just mean they’re “keepin’ it real” (though, that’s true too, cliché or not). There’ll be a video screen showing behind-the-scenes footage of the performers in the studio, at home, or wherever. And if you see some dude with a video camera aimed your way, chances are you’ll end up onscreen soon enough.

On Sunday, it’s back to the rock, with indie-flavored power-poppers Say Anything (left, photo by Laura Kirsch) headlining, along with Mewithoutyou, Piebald, and Days Away. A lot of older, “grown-up” rockers like to lump Say Anything in with the Fall Out Boy crowd. But that’s not really fair. Yeah, the band’s vocalist, Max Bemis, does sound like he took a few emo vocal lessons. But if you listen past that, you’ll hear a band that’s record collection precedes Green Day. Whiney vocals aside, Say Anything’s “Alive With the Glory of Love” sounds a lot like the Smiths' "This Charming Man." Now, if you don’t like that song, Fats can’t help you. But a lot of people do, and when a band like Say Anything carries the ´80s indie-pop torch for the younger generation, you gotta give ‘em credit. It doesn’t happen often.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Postmarks on Grey’s Anatomy… tonight!

The Postmarks – the lush, classically inspired orch-pop trio of Tim Yehezkely, Christopher Moll, and Jon Wilkins – is stepping out of the studio. And how. What started as a recording project is now an active band – like, really active, given the short amount of time it took the band to get from A to B. Not only do the Postmarks have a show next Thursday opening for the Album Leaf at Respectable Street and a slot at the CMJ showcase in New York City later this month. But tonight, they have a gig on prime time television. When Grey’s Anatomy airs at 9 p.m. on ABC, it’ll feature the “Goodbye” (from the band’s recently released EP, The Postmarks Remixes). Like The OC, Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that can help an indie band get non-indie exposure. The hookup came from the Postmarks’ label, Unfiltered Records, which has been pushing the band in Hollywood circles. Next stop, Zach Braff’s office?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Obligatory "Welcome" Blog

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