Thursday, November 09, 2006

Open Your Mind (and Your Mic Will Follow)

Every time it looks like poet/open-mic promoter Renda Writer might stay put at one venue, he finds a new one to book nights at. Tonight, though, Writer’s back at a familiar locale -- Lake Worth’s South Shores Tavern, where it’s Open-Mic Night and Ladies Night.

Here’s Writer’s description of who’s invited to sign up: “poets, singers, bands, comedians, rappers, acoustic acts, improv actors, vocalists, magicians, jugglers, American Idol wannabes, beat boxers, yodelers, impersonators, crooners, beat poets, slam poets, reggae, blues, funk, ska…”

You get the point –- there’s really no limits, granted everything’s within the law. Personally, I think more performers should get into yodeling. Maybe try mixing yodeling and breakdancing, or juggling and death metal. Really, if you’re going to experiment, this is the place to do it. And if you’re going to do it, don’t do it half-assed -- go all the way. There are more than enough soporific singer-songwriter types to go around. But even that schtick can be amusing. Hell, I’m willing to offer this freebie, which I wrote a couple of years ago but have yet to perform. (Yes, it is pure satire.)

“Bomb Iran” (set to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbaranne”)
Bomb Iran/Take their land
Bomb Iran/It’s only made of sand
Bomb Iran
Assassinate Khamenei/replace him with Dick Cheney
Bomb Iran

See how easy that was? Now get to work.


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