Monday, November 06, 2006

Group Nostalgia

Over the weekend, I got one of those "how ya been?" MySpace messages from a friend I haven't seen in years (one of the many Jasons I hung out with). Every time I think of the "old days" (AKA, the irresponsible days), certain images come to mind -- bands, people, and whatever clubs or hangout spots we frequented. One of our earliest hangout spot/clubs was the Foundation, the long defunct former staple of the Palm Beach County underground scene. Well, it looks like there’s a MySpace group for the Foundation, which closed 11 years ago. The entire building was demolished several years ago, so this is literally all that’s left of the club.

In its heyday, the Foundation was ground zero for all manner of rock-oriented music, from the punks ‘n’ skins crowd to the dark-wavers to ska kids and metalheads. It was where I saw many a band for the first time, be they local (the Crumbs, LOAD, the Livid Kittens, Cavity, the Leftovers) or national (the Queers, back when B-Face was in the group).

If you remember the Foundation, you’ve undoubtedly got many stories to tell. That’s if someone hasn’t already posted them on the message board. So check it out, and don’t forget to browse the photos page. Maybe you’re in there. I’m not, thankfully. I don’t think I need to be reminded of whatever weird-ass hairdo I was sporting back then.


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