Monday, October 30, 2006

Garage a Go-Go, Coliseum a No-No

I'm sure glad I went to last night's Little Steven's Underground Garage a Go-Go instead of the Coliseum show at Churchill's. Not only did my night end earlier than if I'd made the trek down to Little Haiti, but... actually, scratch that. My night would have ended way sooner if I'd gone to Churchill's -- because the show didn't happen. My colleague, D. Sirianni, called me around 11 p.m., bummed that he didn't get to see any bands. Apparently, a pre-show street fight in front of Churchill's threw the whole night into chaos, and the show was canceled. Meanwhile, I was still stoked that I saw Roky Erickson, former frontman of the 13th Floor Elevators and a bonafide garage-rock legend. But I'll save it for my column. Erickson's story is an interesting one, full of drugs, insanity, and two-headed dogs -- you know, normal rock 'n' roll stuff.


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