Friday, October 27, 2006

Moonfest Memories

Ever since Fats can remember (which, for the purpose of this blog, is 1994), Moonfest has been the annual Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. Though my earliest recollection of the event involves a lot of drunken, quasi-violent jock types roaming the east end of Clematis Street looking to start shit, it wasn’t until Moonfest 1996 that a 20-year-old Fats understood the true beauty of the event -– it was the closest I’d ever been to experiencing real anarchy. And when I say anarchy, I mean it in the free-wheelin’, Woodstock sense, not the post-hurricane, store-looting definition. Now, I’m not condoning underage street drinking, but it sure made some of the horrible live music go down a lot easier. Fortunately, this Saturday’s lineup goes down well with or without booze. (Remember, we’re no longer in the age of rap-rock, thank fucking God.) If you’ve been to any Moonfests past (or other shows), then you’re probably familiar with bands like Boxelder, Hit$How, Humbert, and the People Upstairs.

One group that may not be as recognizable in the 561 is Modernage. The Miami foursome (shown right) has opened for the likes of Bloc Party and Elefant, and their sound falls somewhere along those same lines as well. It’s the kind of music you’ll enjoy whether you're dressed as a priest with a boner or just wearing your street clothes.


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