Friday, November 03, 2006

Breakout the Vote

The midterm elections are a few days away, and with them come the usual fears about electronic voting. But before you touch your finger to the screen, might I suggest a different type of e-voting? Yes, it involves bands, and one of 'em is local -- Boca Raton's Fallen From the Sky. Right now, there's an online election taking place for the Dew Circuit Breakout, a six-band battle for some prime national exposure, hosted by MTV2 and Mountain Dew (you know, the rock 'n' roll supervisors of elections). Right now, the battles are split into three one-on-one battles, each housed in a different city. FFTS's battle is in Philadelphia, against I Am the Avalanche. The site has video clips of each band, in case you're one of those annoying "undecided" voters. Is there a paper receipt? Um, no. It's done in Flash, so we'll have to trust the powers that be that there'll be no tomfoolery -- and that Macromedia isn't the 'Net's version of Diebold.

Also, here's some more FFTS action you won't see in the battle video:


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