Wednesday, November 29, 2006

GWAR -- What it's Good for

Years ago, I'm thinkin' '96 or '97 -- I'm going on memory here -- I accidentally tuned in to The Jerry Springer Show. Yes, accidentally. Anyway, as soon as I caught a glimpse of the guests -- GWAR, the Mentors' El Duce, and a few whiners who thought they were vulgar -- I hit the record button on my VCR. Classic stuff here. I'm talking quote city, though it's mostly from El Duce, who was there to defend his tongue-through-cheek songs about rape and sodomy. Thing is, he didn't defend himself, he only offended Jerry and the other guests. GWAR, on the other hand, gave one of the most articulate defenses of "offensive" rock since Dee Snyder took on the PMRC. Of course, I still like the El Duce part where he taunts a rape victim, telling her she "looks familiar." But that's just me. So where are they now? Well, Duce's dead and GWAR's still struggling for that elusive world domination. Their quest takes them by the Culture Room tonight.

Also, because it’s the last Wednesday of the month, the Art of Moving Butts is right on cue with another night of hip-hop Himmarshee. But the party’s no longer at the Poor House but next door at Revolution, where the Beatnuts, Diamond D, and Large Professor headline as part of the Down By Law Tour. The usual crew of locals is also on hand -- K-N-S, Doc Sus, UTI, Garcia, Mayday!, Jabrjaw, Dee Dubbs, Namebrand, and host Butta Verses.


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