Thursday, November 30, 2006

GWAR, the Aftermath

Even if I brought a camera to last night's GWAR show at the Culture Room, I wouldn't have had the elbow room to be able to use it. It was the most packed I've seen that place in years. And lo, it was a dudefest. I'd say 98 percent of the crowd was of the male persuasion. And of that 98 percent, most were teeming with an overabundance of testosterone and liquor; a couple of near-violent incidents kept popping up around me, even outside the club. But that shit happens anywhere. The faux violence of the onstage show, not so much. It isn't every day you see a guy dressed as a Jesus/Hitler hybrid jerking off a giant phallus onto a crowd of people -- those people being the same macho guys who'd be afraid to slam-dance if there was a gay dude in the pit. And when Oderus Urungus sodomized the pig-faced policeman two songs later, the audience went even more apeshit.

For someone who values stage performance above all else -- that's what we're there to see, right? -- I was happy that GWAR managed to draw such a huge crowd. This despite the fact that they've already been here a billion times. Now if someone had clued me into this earlier, I could have shown up in time to find a parking spot you don't need a shuttle bus to get to.


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